Asian Meal Kits – the ultimate home cooked meals.

The new normal trend is here to stay and will see more people working from home, cooking at home & eating at home. Meal kits are the ultimate home cooked meal solution. Personal Touch, “its your creation”

Net Weight
Variable, refer to individual pack.
Weight / carton :
Variable, refer to individual master pack.
Packing size :
Net weight x 6 units
Inner box dimension :
120 x 55 x 172 mm. (L X Wx H)
Master carton dimension :
344 x 127 x 183 mm. (L X Wx H)
Loading (20FT hand load) :
3,000 cartons (72,000 units) +/- 5%
Loading (40FT hand load) :
6,800 cartons (40,800 units) +/- 5%
Storage :
Shelf Life :
18 months


Thai Red curry with jasmine rice

The World's Favorite Curry - Red Chili Paste spiked with Galangal, Lemon Grass and Thai Herbs and simmered in Coconut Milk. Accompanied with Jasmine rice

Net weight: 16.96oz


Thai Green curry with jasmine rice

The traditional Thai curry - Green Chili Paste cooked in Coconut Milk with Fresh Coriander and Aromatic Thai Herbs. Accompanied with Jasmine rice.

Net weight: 16.96oz


Pad Thai

A dish from the streets of Thailand - Flat Rice Noodles cooked in Sweeted Tamarind Sauce

Net weight: 14.54oz


Japanese Teriyaki with udon noodles

A Japanese speciality - Udon Noodles tossed with Teriyaki Sauce

Net weight: 10.75oz


Vietnamese spring roll

A Street Food from Vietnam - Stuffed Rice Paper wraps served with Peanut and Soy Dip

Net weight: 5.11oz